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Yamaha XS 650 regulator/rectifier


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This combined R/R replaces both the rectifier and regulator on your XS650 ’70-’81.

The original parts are notoriously weak on Yamaha’s and can cause a lot of problems in the electrics department, because they work together to keep the juices flowing. If one takes a crap, the other one won’t take long to follow. Anything from empty batteries, weak start and even fire is probably caused by these suckers giving up.

If you plan on using a new type of battery, like Ballistic EVO, LiFePO4 or Motobatt, you CAN NOT use this one! Works only with acid, AGM and gel batteries.

If you want one of these but are unsure if it will fit your model, don’t hessitate to contact us.
Due to warranty issues we have a no-returns policy on electronic parts.