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torque wrench


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This nifty fella will help you get those bolts right ‘n tight, just like the manufacturer wanted it to be. You can also flip the switch and us it to loosen bolts. We have the exact same one in the shop and use it on a daily basis.
Normal m6 engine case bolts require 11 Nm, making this the ideal tool when working on your engine. No more stripped threads.

Absolute mandatory piece of metal for the serious builders.

2 / 24 Nm – 1/4″
Comes with 3/4/5/6/8/10mm Hex (imbus) bits, a 25 and 30 Torx bit and a coupler for deep sockets.

PRO TIP – As the 10mm hex bit is not the most used size around a motorbike, we flexed the bit a bit (see what i did there?) and now we use the bit as a coupler for sockets for metric hexagonal nuts.