SumpThing kit for all Honda SOHC 750 F & K engines


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SumpThing is the world-famous complete kit that enables you to remove the external oil tank and oil-lines on your SOHC Honda CB750.

Instead of the original system with the external oil tank, SumpThing reroutes the oil internally into a lowered oil pan. Just like all older Honda CB’s (And 95% of all modern motorcycles) it’s making it wet-sump instead of dry-sump. Oil capacity stays the same at around 3 Quarts /2.8 liters and oil is filled thru a tappet cover. The sightglass will let you know the level.

Please check the following information before you order.

  1. Check your exhaust clearance as the kit, being 50mm thick, will lower the oil pan with 50mm.
  2. Check if this fits your machine by simply making sure it’s in the list below.

    Please e-mail us by clicking here if you’re unsure whether it will fit your bike or have any other questions about this product.

  • 1976 CB750K 750 FOUR
  • 1976 CB750F 750 SUPER SPORT
  • 1977 CB750K 750 FOUR K
  • 1977 CB750F 750 SUPER SPORT
  • 1978 CB750K 750 FOUR K
  • 1978 CB750F 750 SUPER SPORT
  • All CB750K1
  • All CB750K2
  • All CB750K3
  • All CB750K4
  • All CB750K5
  • All CB750K

If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ page on the SumpThing website – or watch these videos;




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