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motogadget m-button


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Another great product from MotoGadget is this m-Button.

This device can only be used in combination with the m-Unit V2 which we also have in the webshop.

The m-Button is only 12mm in diamter and 25mm long and is placed inside the handlebars, in between the m-Unit V2 and the handlebar control switches. This alows you to run 1 (ONE!!) tiny cable from the m-Button to the V2 control unit. All the wires from the handlebar switches are converted to one pulsed signal over a single wire in the m-Button thus allowing you to create a VERY clean look as only 1 cable exits the handlebars instead of 20. The V2 control unit understands the pulsed signal. The colored wires are 600mm and the single signal wire is 2000mm

Pro tip: If you’re using “normal” handlebars you can drill a tiny hole in underside of the bars, on the spot where one of the clamps holds the bars. Drill another hole downwards thru the clamp and no wires will be visible. One dis-advantage is you are not able to adjust your handlebars if you’d want to. A small slot instead of a hole in the bars would fix that.



  • in combination with the new m-Unit V.2
  • in reducing ‘cable clutter’ and simplifying wiring harnesses. Integrated into the handlebar tube
  • or any other adequate location
  • this tiny cylinder will electrically connect all handlebar instruments, switches and buttons. Using state-of-the-art bus technology, the m-Button digitally processes signals and transmits them to the m-Unit V.2 over a thin cable. The electrical consumers will then be switched inside the m-Unit. All control wires are moved into the handlebar. This saves space, weight, labour and time. A ‘must have’ for custom bikes with clean-look handlebars. The m-Button is completely moulded in, making it water-tight and resistant to vibrations. The m-Button is equipped with connections for:
  • turn signal, left side
  • turn signal, right side
  • headlight (low beam and high beam)
  • E-starter
  • horn
  • brake light switch, front brake m-Button – dimensions: Diameter: 12 mm Length: 25 mm Cable length: approx. 60 cm Connecting cable to m-Unit: approx. 200 cm Weight: approx. 30 g Attention: The only intended use of the m-Button is in combination with m-Unit V.2.