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Motobatt MBTX4u


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Take a look at this strange shaped banana! We use these in the majority of our builds. They’re good and cheap.
This 4.7ah is used in several electric start cb500/cb550 builds and also in our own (electric start) NX650.
They can even burst life into a 750 OHC but only if you can do the same with one or two kicks.
They’re AGM – In normal man language it means you can mount them any way you want. Upside down or sideways, no problem.

This little fellow packs a punch and comes fully loaded. Install it and be on your way.

Power delivery: 12 Volt, 4,7 Ah – Coldstart 70 Ampére at minus 18 degrees. Yes. SEVENTY.
Dimensions in mm: Width x Depth x Height = 114 x 70 x 87.

Because you’re probably going to install this yourself on a possibly modified bike, we can not take batteries back. Second thing to know/check is if your bike has already been upgraded with the right type of rectifier/regulator. The stock ones can be a bit dodgy after 40 years and might fry your battery. Old big batteries have a bit of flex in them. They kinda work like an expansion barrel – these newer type batteries dont have that much room to fuck around.. If you are unsure about anything, contact us BEFORE ordering. If you have a mulitmeter, these batteries can not cope with more than 13.5 on the battery terminals at 5000rpm. 99% of the times you’ll be just fine, but as we want to be honest about everything.. better safe than sorry right?