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Take a look at this strange shaped banana! We use these in the majority of our builds. They’re good and cheap.
We advice this 7ah AGM battery for anything with two wheels above 500cc for daily road use.

They’re AGM – In normal man language it means you can mount them any way you want. Upside down or sideways, no problem.

This little fellow packs a punch and comes fully loaded. Install it and be on your way.

Power delivery: 12 Volt, 7 Ah – Coldstart 90 Ampére at minus 18 degrees. Yes. 90.
Dimensions in mm: Width x Depth x Height = 120 x 60 x 130.

Because you’re probably going to install this yourself on a possibly modified bike, we can not take batteries back. Second thing to know/check is if your bike has already been upgraded with the right type of rectifier/regulator. The stock ones can be a bit dodgy after 40 years and might fry your battery. Old big batteries have a bit of flex in them. They kinda work like an expansion barrel – these newer type batteries dont have that much room to fuck around.. If you are unsure about anything, contact us BEFORE ordering. If you have a mulitmeter, these batteries can not cope with more than 13.5 on the battery terminals at 5000rpm. 99% of the times you’ll be just fine, but as we want to be honest about everything.. better safe than sorry right?