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Cool It thermo inc. Exhaust heatwrap ,


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One of the things we found out along the way is that mistakes are best to make once a problem.

Since we’ve wrapped a shitload of exhausts with different brand wraps and materials, we know for sure that these are about the best around.

Yes, they’re more expensive than the cheap ones and they look just the same. Exhaust wrapping is a nasty job and it takes some time to do it right. With a cheap roll of wrap, the result will be less tight.  We hate half-assed work and thats why we chose to only sell the ones we have gotten the best result with.

And yes, you’re free to buy the china crap first and this one after you hate the result.

One roll is around 15 meters long and just over 5cm wide. For a twin, one roll is enough from cilinder to collector. For a four cilinder bike, you need 2 of these. 15 meters sounds a long way, but you’ve got to remember overlap and  π…

Pro-tips for best results:

Always soak the wrap in a bucket of water.

Use gloves when working with wrap.

Wrap from the end upto the cilinder to prevent dirt getting in the seams.

Have tie-wraps for holding the wrap temporary and/or a friend on hold.

Lock it with a steel wire or metal tie-wrap. As these tie-wraps generally suck, we always use lock-wire.