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cb four 3phase regulator for lithium/lifePo batteries


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The other regulator we offer for the CB series has a seperate circuit that controls the field coil. It’s perfect as a stock substitute if you’re running a stock or gel battery. All the parts work together to get the right voltage but as all the parts are 50 years old, it’s not that precise anymore. Furthermore, the original batteries can handle a lot more voltage then the newer, superfancy small batteries.

If you want to be sure the new battery does not blow up due to high voltage, this is the regulator you need. Thru trial and error, we found out this one works perfect for the lithium and LifePo batteries. You will need to alter your wiring a bit – field coil needs full voltage at any point – but thats about it. Description on how to mount the wires to it are included.

Please beware we have a no-return policy on electronic components and batteries.