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F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

The shipping usually takes one or two days. Some parts may need to get specially ordered for you. If you’re in a hurry, please contact us for an exact shipping advice.

When you don’t receive an email after your purchase and you did fill in your email address correctly, please contact us. We’ll sort it out right away. The problem is nowhere to be found, it just happens sometimes. No worries!

Pick-up in shop means that you are coming to get your stuff in the shop. You know, in person. We can charge you for that if you really want to…

No. Small parts are usually in stock, but lots of parts need ordering. We have the luck to live next to one of our biggest dealerships, so it usually takes one extra day to get those parts at your doorstep. Please mail us with detailed questions.

Yes. Please mail us with your detailed questions. We run a real shop, with real machines which means we can make your dreams real. Really.

We can even deliver CNC’d and waterjetted parts you’ve drawn in your sketchbook last night. It’s all possible.

Well well.. The million dollar question.

Our complete bikes start at around  7500,- but we usually don’t sell the bikes after they’re done. We only do commisioned builds and it’s possible to pay in a couple times during the build. Please get in  touch or pop by if you want to talk business.