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When you teach once, you learn twice.

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When you teach once, you learn twice. We strongly believe in the principle it’s better to give a hungry man a rod than a fish. Our Do-It-Yourself motorcycle area is located inside the Outsiders Motorcycles facility on the outskirts of Groningen, the Netherlands. We provide the space, equipment, and atmosphere for you to complete motorcycle-related projects ranging from oil changes to full custom builds. We welcome motorcycle enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels, and riders of any kind of scoot can find a home here. 

How can i use the shop?

-We offer a total of 6 workstations for €130,- a calendarmonth for YOU to work on YOUR motorcycle only. No mopeds, no scooters, no bikes from friends. Your month starts the first calendarday and ends the last calendarday each month. Minimal time is 1 month, there is no maximum.

We do not refund un-used days.

-You can reserve a workstation by emailing us on You can also drop by the shop.

-Workstations are €130,- a month wich is paid up front. We send invoices around the 20th each month for the month to come. Furthermore, you will have to sign a contract in which you state you’re working here on your own risk and we’re not legally responisble for injury or damage.

-We’re open from Wednesday -Sunday from 12:00 – 20:00

90% of the time we’re here longer, 10% of the time we’re off to shows, on vacation or sick. It’s up to you to decide whether you come every day or once a week. There’s a whats-app group for questions regarding opening-hours and other shop related stuff and you’ll also meet some future best-friends this way!

-The workshop is for YOU to use. Not for your friends, girl/boyfriend or dad. Your friends are more than welcome, but they’re not allowed to do anything more than watch. Legal issues are not something we’re very fond of.

-The workstation is empty and clean when you start using it. We expect it to be clean and empty when you are ready with the project.

How do i sign up?

Just email us – – or even better, pop by the shop and sign up in person! We’ll be happy to give you a tour and explain in depth how it works.

Can i buy parts at the shop?

Yes! The common stuff (tubes, grips, lights, lubricants, solvents etc) is in stock. If the part you’re searching for is not in stock we can probably order it for you. We have dealerships at every major motorcycle related distributor and most stuff can be here the next day or two! If you prefer to buy parts yourself online, feel free to have them shipped to the shop to make things easy.

What if i need help with my project?

We are always around to lend a set of hands. We will answer questions to the best of our ability, but we are not going to do the work for you. We strive to create a community with a wide variety of experience and we encourage members to collaborate and assist each other with projects, from maintenance to custom builds. 

In case you require more assistance, the starting 1-on-1 rate is 25,- / 30 minutes. We also offer welding, turning and milling (manual and CNC) services. The rate for those services is determined when needed.

You could also take a 1-on-1 welding class. We offer Mig and TiG welding classes, starting at €150,- for 3 hours. After you’ve taken the class or when you can provide us with proof of welding skills, you’re allowed to weld in our welding booth. On this conditions, welding is free to members but please note the shop is for motorcycles only, so no furniture or car parts.

How can i get my project to the shop?

We offer a local bike pickup starting at €2,50/KM (Please keep in mind we have to ride your distance twice). Email or call to schedule a pickup.

What if i need a tool the shop doesn’t have?

Though we sometime wished we had less tools, it could happen. Let us know and we’ll consider purchasing or making one for the shop! #realshopsmaketheirowntools

What about consumables?

Your membership includes access to a motorcycle workstation, frame welding jig, joint iPad, WiFi, storage under and above your workbech and a grinding/metalwork area with basic tools like a drill, grinders and such.

The workstations have hooks and ratchetstraps to secure your project. Use of special (motorcycle specific) tools is also included in the membership, but as they’re expensive we prefer to do that together. You break it, you buy it.

We ask from you to acquire or have your own basic tools. We can advise you on what you need and where to get it in case you’re new to it all and you can put everything away when you’re not there. – That said, a basic toolkit is excluded in the deal but every tool is here in case you only come by for a quick job.

Consumables like drinks and food are logically excluded from the membership but you’re free to use the kitchen with refrigerator/fridge, microwave and oven if you decide to bring your own food.

Consumables and a wide variety of materials can be purchased in the shop, so you don’t have to buy a full length of tube when only a short piece is needed or go to the store when you’re thirsty. Sweet!

How can I learn to maintain my bike?

We offer basic classes for maintenance and fabrication! Please check the “classes” tab under DIY Garage for more info. You can also join a class without membership.

Classes include MiG Welding, TiG welding, electrics, basic metalworking, basic motorcycle tech,  engine principles/troubleshooting and the already famous “Just got my licence – now what” course. Shoot us a message if you’d like to take a course or want to learn something else about your bike! Prices vary from 25,- to 75,-