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Hello Yellow! I met with Brekr about 6 years ago at a motorshow in Houten. They were there with a early prototype of their dream.

Photo: Brekr

We talked a bit and then went on our way. I started following them on social media but that was about it. The thing was, i was intrigued..

The conversation we had was sincere and without any salestalk burdens and so i kept in contact as i was kinda hyped on this thing already. Having a custom shop would mean the only business we could have would include a customized Brekr. During our initial conversation we quickly came to the conclusion funds and R&D were not ready to make that happen soon. So, i waited. Shot them a message every now and then and then about 4 years later i read in the newspaper that Brekr got subsidized 1.5 million from the government. Talking about a sign ha!

I emailed them and we made plans to pick up a Brekr Model B. Went to Doetichem and got to see their workshop and headquarters. We discussed the do’s and don’ts and then went back home with it.

Because this was as new for me as it is for you, i had to do testrides. A lot. The Brekr is nor a motorcycle nor a moped. Not in power, not in engineering, not in design, not in anything. It’s a completely new way to look at transportation and that needed some thourough testrides. The Brekr truly amazed me on every plane. Light, strong, good looking, thought-thru little machine. I also quickly noticed it’s reach was not capable of long distances, (60km max) which basicly confines it to the city. And that’s perfect. But then.. What do you do in the city? You buy shit, move shit, get shit, bring shit. That wouldn’t work on a standard one so i decided it needed racks. Big ones – urbanize it to the max. No reason to go half-assed on a bike so nice.

Tore the Brekr down and was amazed again with the simplicity of it. No carb, no oil, no mess. – Motor, battery, controller. Nice.

The Brekr itself had to stay stock so i had to work with the attachment points already there. As the seat is also the cover for the batteries, i could not attach anything to there. However i felt the rear rack had to be albe to hold some serious weight. I therefor opted to make a long rack that also attached to the only other usable strong point on the bike (besides the shock-mounts) on the front just behind the neck. This meant is would become a huge rack for such a small machine, which i can only fully embrace. Just like the look and vibe of those urbanized little scoots. Yes, i cheated the design a bit using the Honda Motra (below) as inspiration.

The Honda Motra. If you ever come across on for me…

After welding the rack and fenders i made a trip to the powdercoater and whilst waiting on that to be ready i mounted bigger tires, fatbars and a couple small things.

Shortly after, the Brekr premiered at their HQ during the first official Brekr Ride-Out in Doetichem. Also happened to be a nice camera-rig as seen below. The guys at Brekr were really happy with it so that was a nice ender to a fun project!

Or was it…

Part of the deal was i could use the bike for a year. And that year was not over yet. Shortly after, we went on holiday and having a dog it meant a sidecar was needed. Fabbed one up and away we went. In the shop-van ofcourse..

Croatian coast and back over the Stelvio-pass, where the driveshaft of my crafter decided to shit the bucket. Luckily, we had the Brekr with us so the next morning i went into the city of Livigno where the axle was repaired.

Part of the deal was also a “not-further-specified” series of photos.

As i felt i had to make the most of it i called my good friend Diederik, who’s happens to be quite handy with a camera. History was made.

We decided we hade to show the capabilty of the custom Brekr over a stock one, which in all cases meant we had to show you could take more with you than with a normal Brekr. As the Brekr is as at home in the city as in nature those two were easy. Camping and Pizza.

Admitted those choices were slighly biased by the fact having a girlfriend owning a pizzaria. The swim-scene is a bonus purely for your viewing pleasure.

We wanted to make 3 good photos of every scene. A still one, a fun one and a good one – worthy of a million re-posts and such. You decide!

As a cherry on top, Outsiders is now official Brekr test/servicecentre so if you feel like you’re missing out, you are. Come get some!

The yellow Brekr is now on display the Brekr HQ along 3 photos i gave them when the bike was picked up here after.

Photo: Pim Donderwinkel – Brekr

Plan your testride directly with us or on the Brekr website

Photo’s by Winchester creatives