CB500 for Hoyan November 19, 2018 – Posted in: Bikes

Honda CB500 with CB550 engine for Hoyan. Bike features in-house headlight brackets, electrics underneath the tank, Motogadget electronics and our branded seat label. We think we made our cleanest CB yet and hope you feel the same way!


This bike came to us as a rolling frame and a couple boxes and the initial plan was to keep the bike relatively low-budget.

After checking what parts were missing we made a new subframe and reshaped the frame area under the tank to accomodate the new MotoBatt battery, combined Rectifier/regulator and starter relais, as the client wanted a clean area underneath the seat.

During the build the client stumbled upon the Motogadget parts and wanted this on the bike. Unfortunaly the frame was already freshly powdercoated in 70% gloss black and logically, we had not made room for the M-unit under the tank. Luckily, with some new made brackets we got the M-unit in the place where we wanted to place the RR originally. As the M-unit is a little more fragile weatherwise we decided the RR needed to go and be replaced underneath the seat, virtually invisible. You see, we always try to make it work, even if the plan changes halfway!



The wheels were badly rotten so we took them apart and got the hubs and rims powdercoated in gloss black. Stainless steel spokes and new bearing kits made them better then new. Firestone Champion Deluxe tires were a logic choice for this build and a thing the client really wanted.

The forks were rebuild and we fitted new rear shocks. The front fender is a chopped original one because we think it’s clean from the factory and the fork-brace is needed anyway. We choose small, minimal lights to keep the bike clean. The taillight and headlight are from Bates – signallights are MotoGadget.

When the client came over to check on the build we were just figuring out the proper handlebars for this one. As the client is not that tall, we choose for a high set of bars to give the bike a little visual “beef”. Furthermore, it’s safer and more comfortable to sit straight-up. The wires from the buttons were fiddled thru the bars to the M-button and a little hole in the top-clamp leads the signal pulse-wire down without seeing it.

The seat features a non-symmetrical playfull heart and our branded seatlabel. We also choose to fit an extra frontbrake as these early-stage discbrakes are not exactly known for their ‘superior braking power’…