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Outsiders Motorcycles was founded back in 2011 and started in our own shed in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

10 years and 10 shops later, the shop is located in Groningen where we have a full-on custom workshop for your motorcycle needs.

We’re especially keen on full-on custom projects for individuals or marketing/advertisement projects for established companies.

With every job that comes in here, the goal is to make you as happy as possible with your bike. Not temporarily, but also for years to come.

The core values are safety, thought-through engineering and proper design. No hackjobs, no shortcuts. All or nothing, always.

We can do pretty much everything in-house. From TIG welding stainless and aluminum to 3D-printing and CNC machining one-off parts, rebuilding engines or lacing wheels. Over the years, we’ve build an extensive network of suppliers for the work we can not do in-house like upholstery, powdercoat, anodising and paint.

Last but most definately not least, We have 6 rentable workstations where you can work on your bike and learn while doing so. Outsiders has always been a hands-on shop, and always will be. “Can’t be done” does not exist here.

The shop has grown tremendiously over the years. We’ve done projects we never thought even possible and got a lot of knowledge doing them. With every project bigger than the last it’s really a dream come true and the ride is far from over!

Advice is free: We love talking shop. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop by!

Wednesday till Sunday,  10:00 – 18:00 (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer)

Outsiders Motorcycles
Duinkerkenstraat 26
9723 BR Groningen
instagram @outsidersmotors