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combined rectifier & regulator


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EDIT: A customer found out these also work on Suzuki GN400 6v systems, making them 12volt. Please mail us for a detailed wiring diagram or questions. This makes to believe these can make any 6v system 12v, as long as the dynamo delivers enough watts.


This combined rectifier/regulator is for all single-phase Honda CB/CL/XL engines and a lot more types/brands aswell. It’s 12v / 160 watts.

It replaces the notoriously weak electric components of the system, giving a solid baseline to get your electrics to work again.

This unit is not plug and play, you will need to alter your wiring. If you are unsure about your type of engine, don’t hessitate to contact us.

We have a no-return policy on electical components, so better safe then sorry.

All 4 cilinder Honda engines require the 3-phase unit. This will not work on your CB 500/550/650/750.

A simple check to see if this works on your engine is to find the loom coming out of your engine on the left side, above the chainwheel.

If it’s  combo of pink, yellow, white and light-green, this unit will work. If it’s 3 yellow wires coming out, you need the 3-phase unit which we also supply.

Comes with instructions how to install.