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Ballistic Evo3 evz7-8


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The Pinnacle in battery performance. You want the best? Take one of these.

EVO3 is the latest evolution of lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries built to fit the OEM battery compartment, The lightest, most powerful starter battery available, no matter what you ride.

Please choose where you want the positive terminal on the battery. You can either choose left or right.

-4.6 Amp/h
-240 CCa
-Dimensions (mm) 114 x 71 x 108
-Up to 80% smaller compared to the stock battery
-Up to 10lbs lighter compared to the stock battery
-The service life of the battery is double compared to a lead acid battery operated in similar conditions
-Comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty
-Have been designed, developed, and assembled in the USA
-Comes with hard mounted terminals of brass for a direct replacement installation
-Use of absolutely dry technology to enable mounting of batteries in any direction
-The product is non-toxic, recyclable, and can air shipped
-The product is for use in all powersports vehicles with 12v system
-Batteries are tested extensively by professional race teams
-Impact and water resistant
-No requirement of special charger
-The batteries lose only 10% charger over a year of static use, hence there is no requirement for trickle charger

WARNING! – Old bikes (especially Honda CB’s) are known for problems with charging. The electronics on them are outdated. Be sure to test and/or upgrade your regulator/rectifier unit when using AGM, Lithium-Ion or LifePo4 batteries. Old charging systems can give a peak in voltage and these batteries can’t handle that.

WARNING! – Due to the sensitive features of this product, No returns can be done on batteries.
Because these batteries are smaller, they will probably not fit snug into your battery compartment. As these batteries are intended for custom projects, you might have to modify your battery compartment if you are going to use this on a stock bike.

Use closed cell foam to make a snug fit in your OEM tray!