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ballistic evo2 LifePo – 8cell battery


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Due to hi demand this battery  could have some delayed shipping time. Mail for more info!

The Ballistic Evo2 series are about the best batteries you can get your hands on. Why? Here’s why:

This is thesmallest battery Ah-wise
It’s dimensions are only 6,1 x 11,4 x 11,2 cm. That means you can virtually hide it anywhere!
These batteries will start any in-line 4 up to 1200cc.
When your bike is kick-only these things will fire anything.

We can order any Ballistic battery – shoot us a message when you need a bigger one or have special needs.

We use this battery in projects with a little more budget than the basic-builds, because of the following impressive list.

– Capacity 4,6 amp/h
– 240 ah CCa
– Up to 80% smaller than the stock battery
– Up to 4.53kg (10 lb.) lighter than the stock battery
– Over twice the service life of lead acid batteries
– Hard-mounted brass terminals for easy installation
– Completely “dry” technology so batteries can be mounted in any direction
– Non-toxic and recyclable
– Applications for powersports vehicles from 50cc to 1800cc
– Tested extensively by professional race teams
– Impact- and water-resistant
– Lose only 10% of charge over a year of static use
– Can be easily charged with the optional battery charger (PART #3807-0105) that plugs directly into the BMS port on the top of the battery
– Designed, developed, and assembled in the U.S.A.

WARNING! – Old bikes (especially Honda CB’s) are known for problems with charging. The electronics on them are outdated. Be sure to test and/or upgrade your regulator/rectifier unit when using AGM, Lithium-Ion or LifePo4 batteries. Old charging systems can give a peak in voltage and these batteries can’t handle that.

WARNING! – Due to the sensitive features of this product, No returns can be done on batteries.
Because these batteries are smaller, they will probably not fit snug into your battery compartment. As these batteries are intended for custom projects, you might have to modify your battery compartment if you are going to use this on a stock bike.

PRO TIP: Use closed cell foam to make a snug fit in your OEM tray!