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The complete guide to LLM fine-tuning

The Ultimate Guide to LLM Fine Tuning: Best Practices & Tools Protecting AI teams that disrupt the world For most LLM models, a specialized tokenizer is used, which often tokenizes text into subwords or characters. This makes the tokenizer language-agnostic and allows it to handle out-of-vocabulary words. These tokenizers also help us include a padding and truncation strategy to handle any variation in sequence length for our dataset. Note that part of the reason you…

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How Conversational UI Powers Better User Experiences with Examples

What is a conversational interface? All sorts of companies are rushing to implement them, and as a result, users are often frustrated with poorly integrated chat services that interrupt their tasks. When the iPod came out in 2007, a lot of people still didn’t realize that touch based mobile computing was going to completely transform the way we not only designed interfaces, but engineered them. In the next decade, we are going to see the…

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7 Best AI Programming Languages to Learn Updated

Best Programming Language for AI Development in 2024 Updated Similarly, when working on NLP, you’d prefer a language that excels at string processing and has strong natural language understanding capabilities. Julia is a newer language with a small yet rapidly growing user base that’s centered in academic computing. It’s fast and flexible, which allows quick iterations, ideal for AI. Julia tends to be easy to learn, with a syntax similar to more common languages while…

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