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Hello there. We’re the Outsiders, an independent motorcycle workshop specialised in custom 70’s Honda motorcycles.
We’ve got you covered with small repairs and maintenance to full custom projects from scratch.


We found out there are lots of webshops out there selling about everything available. As our vision is to build the best bikes we can, our webshop only offers products we use, tested and/or checked for awesomeness.
This way we can continue to stand behind what we love and do best – making you smile going BRAAAAAP!

Advice is free: we love talking shop. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop by.

Please call before you drop by, we could be on the road…


Bert Jan & Jene

Our address:

Outsiders Motorcycles
Duinkerkenstraat 26
9723 BR Groningen
instagram @outsidersmotors

bert en jene